Macron scolded the teenager, who called it “Mana” (VIDEO)

Макрон отругал подростка, который назвал его «Ману» (ВИДЕО)

The President of France Emmanuel Macron on Monday, “scolded” the teenager who appealed to 40-year-old head of state “Manu” – the name formed from the name of Macron.

This writes Deutsche Welle.

The incident occurred during the event dedicated to the call of former President Charles de Gaulle to the people’s resistance against Nazi German occupation during the Second world war.

When macron shook hands with people, the guy sang a few lines from the hymn of the socialists “the Internationale” and asked the President: “How you doing, Manu?”, to which the President retorted: “No. You can’t behave this way. No, no, no, no.”

The guy apologized, and the President continued. “You’re here in an official ceremony, and should be treated as credit. You can fool around, but today “La Marseillaise”, “song of the partisans” (song of the French resistance – Ed.)”, said macron.

“Call me “Mr. President” or “Sir.” Okay?” – continued Makron, to which the guy replied, “Yes, sir.”

Critics have criticized the President for what he sometimes uses rough language and does not show sympathy to the poor.

Last week his office released a video in which the President said that the French spend “insane amounts of money” on social security.

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