Luka Modric. Rules of life

Luka Modric. Rules of life
Luka Modric. Rules of life
On Saturday, July 7, the Croatian team will meet in a duel against Russia in the 1/4 finals of the 2018 World Cup. decided to recall the statements of one of the leaders of the Croatian team Luke Modric.

About idol

“Zvonimir Boban.” He was my idol and also wore number 10 on his back, I think that I am reminded by something of the way of thinking and the peculiarities of the game. “

About feeling when you put on a t-shirt of the national team of Croatia

“I feel great pride in my country and its history, it’s a special feeling: I always play with great pleasure for my team, especially in the final stage of major tournaments.”

About the defeat that made me cry

“After the game with Turkey for Euro 2008, we were very insulted in the penalty shootout after that match, I cried a lot – I do not like losing in football or in life.”

About Sergio Ramos

Yes, Sergio is my friend. In the end, I have many friends, just for me he is the best defender in the world.

About Iniesta

“Iniesta is a player with a capital letter, I consider Iniesta one of the best attacking midfielders in the history of world football and treat him with great respect as a player and an athlete.”

About how many more years will be playing

“It’s hard to answer this question: I will play until I am allowed health, I want, if I do not have injuries, to play at this level for another four years, but, in fact, it’s difficult to make forecasts because your a lot of factors play a role. ”

“I want to play at this level: I enjoy every training, every match, I do not want to lose it and will fight to the last.”

About NPS and Example

“Now the best league is Primera: five or six years ago I thought that the English Premier League is the strongest in Europe, but now the best league is Spanish .The results speak for themselves.”

About Kroos

“For me, Kroos is one of the best in the world: I enjoy every game with him, his personality is very similar to mine, and I think that’s why we have good interaction.” Surprisingly, no matter what happens, Tony never gets nervous: I also a calm person, but he is absolutely unperturbed. ”

About Madrid Real Madrid

“In Real Madrid you have to perform at a high level in every match – if you do not, you do not need to stay here.”

“The transition to Real Madrid was a dream come true for me.” Few had managed to finish his career in Madrid, but we’ll see what happens – I would like to finish my career here. ”

“I never doubted myself – I knew that I would succeed in Madrid Real Madrid.”

“If you want to play in the center of the field in Real Madrid, you need to be able to defend yourself and attack.” There is no other option, but for me it’s not a problem: I like the position I play on and so far everything is going well. ”

About the best career year

“2017 is the best year of my career at the moment, and it’s also the most successful year in the history of Real Madrid.”

About Ronaldo

“Cristiano is a fantastic person: he gives a lot of time to training, because he wants to be sure that he is in excellent physical shape.” His success is not a matter of luck. ”

“He is a real machine: he is always hungry for victories and plays best when the team needs him most.” I have no doubt, and today no one should have them: Cristiano is the best in the world. ”

“His secret is really simple: he always trains and plays with full dedication, not sparing himself, and therefore he is the best player in the world.”

About Tottenham

“Tottenham was the first team to give me the opportunity to play in one of the strongest championships in the world, I regret how he left the club – I would like us to part differently.”

“Tottenham was the first international club in my career: I spent four wonderful years there, the fans always supported me, I had wonderful memories of the club.”

About the fans

“The fans are always there and support us: they will create an excellent atmosphere at the Bernabeu and will put themselves at the maximum in the stands, as we are on the field.”

About the tenth issue

“I’m very proud that I’m playing in Real Madrid with the tenth number – it’s a great story, it’s always been my favorite, and when I had the opportunity to take it, I did not hesitate for a second.” Playing under my favorite number is an inexpressible experience , especially if you play in the best club in the world.I am proud that I am a “ten”, although in the end the number is just a number, the game and the goals scored is important on the field. ”

About post-career activities

“I have not yet thought about what I will do after the end of my career, before that there is still time, but I would like to stay in football.”

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