Looks 45 years: Kamensky disappointed fans (PHOTO)

Выглядит на 45 лет:  Каменских разочаровала поклонников (ФОТО)

Fans disappointed when I saw a new photo of emaciated Nastya Kamenskaya, which is much older.

This is reported by the media.

31-year-old pop singer Nastya Kamenskikh his face startled admirers, who noticed that the artist much older. Many Internet users began to say that losing weight has not gone the singer’s favor because on the face of Anastasia has wrinkles and hollows in the cheeks. However, other followers believe that the face of the actress changed Botox injections.

“God, how greatly aged”, “Spectacle, certainly not for the faint of heart. Looks 45 years”, “at the age of 31 to become a woman, it is still necessary to try”, “Bad photo +10 years at least”, “Old young”, “anything to be thin is not, once such became old”, “spoiled Pricks! And before that it was pretty,” said the indignant Internet users.

Выглядит на 45 лет:  Каменских разочаровала поклонников (ФОТО)

Earlier it was reported, Nastya Kamenskikh have put on a few pounds, wearing fancy dress. In the opinion of the readers of the account of the singer, the outfit was bulky, concealed the figure of the actress and did not come to the summer season.

In addition, a few days ago. Nastya Kamensky has published a new candid photo where you can see smart shapes and swimsuit singer. However such a picture is liked not all fans of the girls.

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