Lawyer about the idea of justice to employ debtors alimony: the Ministry assigns the wrong function

Адвокат об идее Минюста трудоустроить должников по алиментам: министерство присваивает чужие функции

In the case of the idea of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine to employ debtors alimony, it can be considered an attempt to usurp the functions, the implementation of which needs to answer in other ministries.

This commentary, ГолосUA said lawyer Maxim Garbuz.

“The Ministry of justice has chosen this way of assigning other functions. Just as they created the anti-raider Commission in the Ministry of justice – to address the problems associated with illegal re-registration of property and the first case considered by the Commission and then in court. The function of the Commission is to eliminate errors by registrars”, said the lawyer.

At the same time M. Garbuz considers that this tendency by assigning the functions of other ministries, if we talk about the future of the Ministry of justice.

“I think the Ministry of justice will continue to take a function which was not originally in the Ministry and which do not coincide with the official tasks of the Ministry. Although … they would have better understood his Affairs, would have been more confusing,” added the lawyer.

The expert noted that lawyers have not been notified that you are developing or developed mechanism for the employment of men who have debts on payment of the alimony.

“The Ministry of justice and endowed with such powers? And as the Ministry of justice may employ alimony? Is the mechanism? What? Minister P. Petrenko will personally write the order “go to work”? That is a function of labour Exchanges. How justice affects it?”, – the lawyer told.

We will remind, the State employment service in cooperation with the Ministry of justice will employ to child support debtors to recover debts. About it informs the state service of employment in Facebook.

“Meeting the Deputy Minister of justice Svetlana Glushchenko with the Deputy of the State employment service Roman Krivanom to establish close cooperation in the sphere of employment of the debtor to pay child support”, – stated in the message. The State Executive has already opened more than 100 thousand enforcement proceedings for alimony, the payment of which is not performed because the debtor has no permanent job or property.

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