Lajcak said that Ukraine will be the main priority of the OSCE – news ZIK.UA

Лайчак запевнив, що Україна буде основним пріоритетом ОБСЄ – новини ZIK.UA

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Slovakia, Miroslav lajčák, which from 1 January will become Chairman in the OSCE, his first visit in that capacity plans to implement in Ukraine.

He said this in comments to “European truth” in Milan, where the Ministerial meeting of the organization.

Lajčák assured that the decision of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict (in the terminology of the OSCE has called “the conflict in and around Ukraine”) will be its key task during the summer presidency.

“Of course, Ukraine will be our main priority. The OSCE is very concerned about how to mitigate this situation and how to help people affected by the conflict. We are an honest broker and to prepare the ground for political negotiations”, – said the Minister.

“Ukraine is our neighbour and we really know what the situation is. I tracked it from the beginning and hope to use this knowledge to move the situation to help,” added Lajcak. He stressed that poses a “realistic and ambitious objectives,” but declined to specify what results it expects.

The future Chairman of the OSCE added that the visit to Ukraine in the beginning of the year. “This will be my first visit abroad (as Chairman),” he said. Earlier during the visits at the beginning of the presidency predecessors lajčák went to Donbass.

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