“Knowledge is power: in Turkey, a graduate of the University fell into a stupor from a simple question – news ZIK.UA

In the Turkish analogue of the show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, in the issue dated 4 August, a graduate of Istanbul University su Ayhan literally fell into a stupor from the question “Where is the Great wall of China?”.

It is reported new-s.com.

«Знання» – це сила: у Туреччині випускниця університету впала в ступор від простого питання – новини ZIK.UA

26-year-old girl much thought about the above question. She said she knows the answer, but just want to clarify it from the audience. The interesting thing is that only 51% of the audience were convinced that the correct answer is China.

If it was a joke or not is unknown. As a result, su Ayhan said that the correct answer is China. And has not lost.

Note, pass on the girl failed on the next question she departed from the show.

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