“Karpaty” in the match 4-th round of the Premier League lost to Zorya – news ZIK.UA

«Карпати» у матчі 4-го туру Прем’єр-ліги вдома програли луганській «Зорі» – новини ZIK.UA

Today, August 12, Karpaty Lviv played its fourth match of the new season. As in the previous three meetings, the game with Zorya Luhansk took place at the stadium “Ukraine”. The game ended with the away win.

Karpaty (Lviv) – “Zarya” (Lugansk) – 0:1 (0:0)

August 12. Start – 17:00. Lions. Stadium “Ukraine”. 5 352 the audience. Sunny. +25°C.

Referee – Nikolay Krivonosov (Kyiv).

Referee’s assistants: Alexander Holodinsky (Lozova, Kharkiv region), Mykhailo Malanchuk (Kitsman, Chernivtsi region).

Fourth referee – Maxim Kozirazki (Zaporozhye).

The FFU delegate – Victor Daskalov (Mukachevo, Zakarpattya oblast).

Observer of arbitration – Valery Mounds (Alexandria, Kirovograd region).

KARPATY: Kuchinsky, Miroshnichenko, Fedetskyy, Megrims, Myakushko (Sickan, 85), Lebedenko, Palm, Di Franco (Mendes 78), Gutsulyak, Carrascal (Vargas, 60), Sweden.

Subs Not Used: Stumps, Golodyuk, Boroday, Erbes.

Head coach – Oleg Boichyshyn.

ZARYA: Makharadze, One, Kharatin, Khomchenovskyy, Mickle, Vernidub, Ldnw (Kochergin, 63), Timchik, Karavaev, Rafael (Lunev, 86), Silas (Priyma, 49).

Subs Not Used: Chuvaev, Gordienko, Rock, Kabaw.

Head coach Yuriy vernydub.

Goal: Kharatin, 77.

Warning: Lebedenko, 81, Mendez 90+3 – One, 25, Mickle, 75, Khomchenovskyy, 90+3.

Lugansk “Zarya” became the fourth team that the green-whites took on the stadium “Ukraine” in the new season. Before meeting with the Luhansk side in the asset owners was a defeat, a victory and a draw. With respect to the team Yuriya Vernidub, “dawn” has already played four games, because the day before in the qualifying round of the Europa League played at home against Braga (1:1).

As the Information center of FC “Karpaty”, the beginning of the game was preceded by a special moment: the presentation of a personalized t-shirt from captain Artem Fedetskiy head coach of FC Karpaty. The number “45” on the back meant the anniversary date for Oleg Boichyshyn. After the applause and the starting whistle of the arbitrator, the green-whites started the game with a positional attack. “Dawn” said her moment: Raphael tried to pass in the penalty area “Lviv”, but as a result, Luhansk was limited to only a corner kick. Became really dangerous in the 13th minute of the match, when scored a quick goal kick from the standard barely missed the far corner Makharadze. Zarya said again, and open the scoring for the guests prevented Artem Fedetskiy, who from the goal line made the round after the strong shot of Raphael. A moment later Makharadze made the Save, parrying the shot of the Swede.

In the first half both teams acted urgently at the gate of the opponent, often exchanging with one another dangerous moments. Again showed the audience of the stadium “Ukraine” his dribbling Carrascal, whose tackle stopped the advocates of “Dawn”. Active scored a quick goal, and the Swede also did not stop attempts to break through the goalkeeper. In one of the episodes Sergey gave ahead of the Swede, but have not found a common language between Karpachova and Paz who scored the second goal flew into the back partner.

The second half started Miroshnichenko – a strong kick into the far corner off the defender and was only a few inches from the rack. The next moment near possessions Makharadze appeared in Swedish. Marian cross from the right corner of the penalty area, but hung exactly on the head of the opponent. Compared to the first half, Karpaty took the initiative on the field, and their attacks started from the depths of the defense. Nice shot performed Oleksiy Gutsulyak: carpatair head shot after a cross from a corner kick – the ball flew just wide of the goal.

Opened the scoring in the 77th minute: Captain burst into the penalty area after a pass from Khomchenovskyy shot gate Kuchinsky. Having the advantage both on the field and in the generated moments, the green-whites missed. For a few minutes, the author passes from Luhansk could increase the advantage for his team: Kuczynski played safe and managed to take away threat from the gate.

At the end of the match in the “green-whites” after the debut of Kevin Mendes in a green-white t-shirt, there was another significant event in the 85th minute of the game on the field came the young pupil of club Daniel Sickan. By the way, two days earlier, Sickan has just made his debut in the squad of FC Karpaty.

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