Kanye West spoke about his suicidal thoughts

Kanye West spoke about his suicidal thoughts
Kanye West spoke about his suicidal thoughts

41-year-old Kanye West is known for his eccentric behavior. Recently, American fans almost made a rapper boycott for his statements in support of Donald Trump, whom he calls “brother.” And this week West entered the hospital with complications after the flu. At the same time the artist managed to write on Twitter and to share with subscribers unexpected statements. The cause of such actions may be bipolar disorder, which he was diagnosed not so long ago.

This time, he shared his thoughts on suicide I saw a documentary about Alexander McQueen. And I know what it’s like when you want to take your life back into your hands, even if it could mean taking away your own life,

– Kanye wrote.

Recall that the designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide in 2010. For 40 years of his life he managed to become a true legend of the fashion industry, and his death in the professional community was perceived as an incredible tragedy. The film about which West wrote, went to the US in June, but his rental in Russia remains in question.

I had such thoughts, and I will tell you about those things that I did to stay in this place,
– frankly told the rapper.

How not to kill yourself: part one. Avoid those people near you that make you want to kill yourself,

– shared the advice of West.

The musician is not the first time raising the theme of suicide. In early June, he released a new album called YE. Texts of seven songs from this record overwhelm actual problems, both external and internal life of the artist. He frankly talks about suicidal thoughts, politics and scandals around Donald Trump and the problems of marriage with Kim Kardashian.

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