Junior national team of Ukraine U-19 football team qualified to the elite round of Euro-2019 – news ZIK.UA

Юніорська збірна України U-19 з футболу пробилася до еліт-раунду Євро-2019 – новини ZIK.UA

Ukraine U-19 (players born in 2000) scored a comeback victory over the Slovaks and made it to the elite round of Euro-2019.

Losing 1 minutes, Serhiy Popov managed to turn the game around and defeated the team of Slovakia with the score 4:1, the official website of the FFU.

For the Junior national team of Ukraine U-19 the situation in the standings before the last round was developed in such a way that in the match against the Slovaks to get into the elite round, had to win, preferably with a difference of two goals. This was necessary in order not to draw attention to a parallel group match between Norway and Albania to the Albanians with a zero in the column “points” had chances to qualify to the next round of the competition.

And it had to happen that already in the 1st minute of the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine was forced to get the ball from his own goal after a shot Gono… However, Serhiy Popov did not take a back seat and after ten minutes equalized the score thanks to an accurate shot striker Kiev “Dynamo” Eugene Isaenko.

The advantage of the Ukrainian team in the first half was never in doubt. Blue and yellow still has twice amazed gate of the rival. First distinguished forward of Karpaty Danilo Sickan, and in stoppage time with a penalty scored by midfielder Donetsk “Shakhtar” Mikhail Mudrik – 3:1. The superiority of Ukrainians eloquently testified by the statistics of strikes – 11:3.

In the second half, the Ukrainian team played rationally, primarily to protect their gate. But offensive action in the blue-yellow is not forgotten. And one of the attacks on the 70th minute ended the exact impact midfielder Kiev “Dynamo” George Ctabl. This goal finally killed the intrigue in the match. The victory allowed the Ukrainian team not only get into the elite round of Euro-2019, but do it in the first place.

Football. Euro-2019 (U-19). Qualifying round. Group 8

The first round. 10.10.2018

Norway – Slovakia – 1:2

Ukraine – Albania – 1:0

Second round. 13.10.2018

Slovakia – Albania 3:0

Ukraine – Norway – 1:2

Third round. 16.10.2018

Albania – Norway – 0:1

Slovakia – Ukraine – 1:4 (1:3)

Slovakia: Fotek, FLAC, Pesoa, Promising, Voytko, Then (Michalek, 77), Mahara, KMET, Gono, Sagittarius, Kadakia.

Ukraine: Ltaif, Plum, Sornin, Murawski, Agapov, Mudrik (Supryaga, 79), Gorin, Bondarenko (Prikhodko, 62), Stasl (K), Sican (Lyakh, 90+1), Isaenko (Kaschuk, 80).

Goals: Gono (1) – gg (11), Sican (35), Mudrik (45+2, penalty), Stasl (70).

Warned: Mahara (18), Flak (61) – Gorin (49), Sican (55).

Final standings

1.Ukraine– 3 2 0 1 6-3 6

2.Norway– 3 2 0 1 4-3 6

3.Slovakia– 3 2 0 1 6-5 6

4.Albania– 3 0 0 3 0-5 0

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