Jubilee without a birthday person: Kuzma would be 50 years old

Jubilee without a birthday person: Kuzma would be 50 years old
Jubilee without a birthday person: Kuzma would be 50 years old
On Friday, August 17, the Ukrainian musician, the leader of the band “Scriabin” Andrei Kuzmenko could be 50 years old. Recall, Kuzma tragically died in an accident in February 2015: the morning of his jeep Toyota at high speed collided with a milk tanker. From the injuries the musician died on the spot.

On the eve of the jubilee, now sad date, “Today” wanted to do a great interview with the widow of the beloved millions of musicians, but Svetlana did not dare to have a long conversation. “You understand, it’s still very hard for me to talk about him in the past tense,” Svetlana told us over the phone. “It seems to me that he is about to return to the house … In fact, for me this anniversary – not his anniversary, he would be his if he was alive.I would like that everything that is happening now he saw himself, it would be the most valuable. ”

Svetlana also admitted to us that now she devotes most of the time to analyzing the music archives that were kept on Andrei’s home computer: “There are dozens, if not hundreds, of songs that no one has ever heard.”

“Kuzma: Unsaid”: a special project on the channel “Ukraine”

As we have learned, not many TV channels, alas, have prepared documentaries and films in honor of Andrei. In the broadcast schedule on August 17, a special project of the “Ukraine” channel, made jointly with the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty under the name “Kuzma., Undiscussed,” stands out prominently. In it, the authors will talk about little-known pages of the artist’s life and show archival footage from a family video that has never been shown on TV. Irina Bilyk, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Alexander Ponomarev and others, as well as the closest people of Andrey, his parents and widow, will remember their friend and colleague. The special project “Kuzma, Unsaid,” will be released at 10:30 am on the air of the “Ukraine” channel.

The book from my mother

On the eve of the anniversary, Andrei’s mother, Olga Mikhailovna, presented the third book on the deceased son. The collection, entitled “Koliskova for Andriyka”, contains memories of Kuzma’s childhood and youthful years. Together with Olga in the work on the book participated biographer Varvara Goncharova. In “Koliskova” readers will be able to find an answer to the question of how the parents managed to raise a talented person with a big sensitive heart in the family. In the book there are 56 pages with a lot of photos from the personal archive of the Kuzmenko family, memories and even notes. “During Andrei’s lifetime, I did not represent the whole scale of his personality, I realized this only now, when I saw the size of people’s love for my son,” says Olga Mikhailovna. Earlier, Kuzma’s mother had already published two books: “Grupa” Skryabin, “Druzy on the Scenes” and “My Road Ptah., Mother’s Book.”

Concert at the stadium and orchestra

In Lviv, on September 15 more than two dozen of the most popular Ukrainian singers will gather at the Lviv Arena to sing together with tens of thousands of Ukrainians Kuzma’s songs – both hits and little-known compositions. Despite the fact that the list of artists who will take part in the concert is still unknown, the organizers promise that the closest colleagues and friends of Andrey will come to the scene (all tickets at the same price – 350 UAH). Also on the occasion of the anniversary there will be concerts in Kiev. So, the variety symphony orchestra under the direction of Nikolay Lysenko will present the concert program Skryabin.Simfo (November 25, Kiev Conservatory). “After Kiev, we go on a tour of the cities of Ukraine.We hope that by March this wonderful program will hear about 30 cities,” – says the project producer Gennady Gutgarz. According to him, part of the program is still in the making, so the creators invite Scriabin fans to take part in the discussion, which songs they would like to hear in symphonic processing.

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