Johnny Depp got into debt

Джонни Депп влез в долги

The Rolling Stone journalist spent 72 hours with American actor johnny Depp, studied his financial records, and sorted out a situation with lawsuits.

It is reported

It turned out that Depp has completely squandered his fortune and got into millions of debt. According to the journalist, he leads a lifestyle that can not afford. In particular, he owns 14 houses and spends several million dollars a month on private flights, and, as stated in the financial reports, spending 30 thousand dollars a month on wine. Depp himself last paragraph denies: “Offensive to say, though, I spend 30 thousand dollars on wine. Because I spend a lot more,” he says.

Currently, the actor is suing his former managers and accuses them of embezzlement. According to Depp, the company TMG did not enter him in financial situation, which he could not stop spending. He also accused them that they are behind him paid seven million dollars to his sister.

According to the journalist, the documents that are on file with Depp, talking about what he knew about their situation. The author doubts that the actor will be able to win a court case, especially as the managers filed a counter-suit.

It is believed that johnny Depp earned $ 650 million in total for all his movies. Among the most profitable it projects — franchise “pirates of the Caribbean”.

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