“It’s a hit”: Masha Efrosinina wrote a life verse

"It's a hit": Masha Efrosinina wrote a life verse
“It’s a hit”: Masha Efrosinina wrote a life verse
Masha Efrosinina is not only a well-known leading and public figure, she is also the mother of two children. Sometimes on his page in Instagram Masha publishes short videos on which he recites the verses of his own composition. Subscribers leading are delighted with the poems, which they say are “very vital”. At the same time, in her work Masha tries to add a share of humor, although she chooses serious and topical topics.

This time Efrosinina wrote a poem about mothers who manage to work and follow the whole family: “Dedicated to all working moms !!!”, – signed the video of Efrosinina.

“This is a hit,” “Oh, at the very point,” “Write cool.” These poems should be read on television since most of the peasants of that upbringing that a woman should and are all-powerful, “” Simultaneously cheerful and sad poem. “In a couple of words, this is Real Life” , “Maria, you are a talent”, “If a person is talented, he is talented in everything!”, “Straight my morning fortune!” – wrote “,” And cry, and laugh at this verse I want, “wrote Maria’s subscribers Instagram.

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