It is impossible to do a selfie and a bad battery On a new iPhone XS 40 thousand barrage of criticism

Невозможно делать сэлфи и плохой аккумулятор: На новые iPhone XS по 40 тысяч обрушился шквал критики

New from Apple disappointed users. Buyers lined up in long queues for getting this gadget, but hopes the acquisition of quality staff is not justified.

It is reported Vladim.

The owners of the new iPhone XS criticize the work of these smartphones for battery problems and a selfie function in front camera. Owners of mobile devices complained because the gadget you cannot charge in “sleep mode”.

The quality of pictures taken thanks to the selfie, does not hold water. The camera retouch face, but does it clumsily. In the end, it looks like the picture with unnatural image. Because of these problems, users harshly criticized the iPhone XS.

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