It: in Poland, a drunken man was “raised” in the morgue and returned to the party – news ZIK.UA

Відірватися на повну: у Польщі п’яний чоловік «воскрес» у моргу і вернувся на вечірку – новини ZIK.UA

Law enforcement bodies of Poland are investigating a rare incident – drunk man, who was pronounced dead, “resurrected” in the morgue and returned to the party.

This writes UNIAN.

The story happened in the South of Poland in the city Semenova-Slonsk. Passers-by noticed a man who was lying unconscious on the street.

On call doctor arrived and pronounced him dead through strong alcoholic intoxication. As a result, the body of 31-year-old Krzysztof Nowak was taken to the local morgue. At night, the security guard of an institution I heard a roar and groans that come out of the fridge.

“When the guard pulled out a drawer to check the source of the noise, he was in shock. Because I saw a live man who was shaking from the cold and requested a blanket,” writes the portal

After leaving the camera “resurrected” man warmed up and refused hospitalization, so I decided to get back to the party friends. For the physician who made the mistake, the story ended with a suspicion of incompetent. Now it is waiting for trial.

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