It became known who is now responsible for the wardrobe Megan Markle

It became known who is now responsible for the wardrobe Megan Markle
It became known who is now responsible for the wardrobe Megan Markle
The last appearance of Megan Markle in public caused admiration among fashionable critics: the majority agreed that in a pale pink dress-trench without sleeves the Duchess of Sussex looked adorable. Experts approved and shoes in tone from Dior, and clutch Mulberry (he, by the way, at Megan some years), and decorations Birks – all was faultless.

Who is responsible for the perfectly aligned bows of Prince Harry’s wife? Until recently there was no answer to this question, because it is known that the duchess does not have an official stylist. And why should he, when there is an unofficial one – the best friend of Jessica Mulroney, whom Megan has been friends with for many years and whose taste she completely trusts.

It was Jessica who helped Megan pick up the outfit for the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Nelson Mandela. Moreover, shortly before the Irish tour, Megan and Harry Jessica secretly flew to London to advise the girlfriend, and now the client, and to make her images for several weeks ahead.

Mulroney does not advertise her cooperation with the Duchess, others do it for her. So, it turns out, it was with the filing of Jessica Megan put on the dress of the Canadian brand House of Nonie yesterday:

What a wonderful day! Duchess of Sussex in our dress-trench! And you can still order it. Thank you, Jessica Mulroney!

– such a post appeared in the Instagram account of designer Nina Haray.

Jessica is my longtime customer, plus she always supports Canadian designers, so I’m sure that it was she who showed Megan a dress from our collection,

– told the fashion designer, who is incredibly proud of the fact that she invented an outfit liked the Duchess of Sussex.

Jessica Mulroney is not the first time helping a girlfriend with a choice of clothes for celebrations. It’s no wonder, after all, she’s been working as a top stylist for a long time. In Canada, Mulroney is generally well known: she is not only a luminous lioness and the owner of the wedding salon, but also the wife of the son of the former prime minister of the country. Their children, along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, took part in the wedding ceremony of Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Jessica and her husband, of course, also attended the wedding, which Mulroney personally organized.

The girls became friends when Megan moved to Toronto because of filming in the TV series “Force Majeure”. Friendship relations turned into a close friendship, which now does not interfere with thousands of kilometers – it is Jessica Megan who is ready to trust her royally expensive dressing room.

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