Israel has discovered a ring of Pontius Pilate

В Израиле обнаружили перстень Понтия Пилата

Ring 2000 years ago, discovered by archaeologists in the Bethlehem area about fifty years ago, could have belonged to Pontius Pilate.

This writes the newspaper the Israel Exploration Journal.

In the ancient artifact the inscription: “Pilate”, which may indicate the owner. Scientists say that the name of the prefect of Judea was extremely rare, so the ring belonged to either him, or someone from close people to him.

The ring was found during excavations of the Royal Palace fortress of herodium, which was conducted in 1968-69 Gideon Foerster, archaeologist from Israel. In the place where supposedly was buried Herod, found many artifacts from metal coins, jewelry, spearheads, and so on. A special finding was a ring of copper alloy, which showed a crater (the Cup for wine, which was used by Romans and Greeks), surrounded by Greek letters.

“Recently, the ring was transferred to the staff of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, cleaned it, and was able to read the inscription on an ancient subject. It turned out that the ring says “Pilate” — this fact clearly hints to the owner of the jewelry,” says Roy’s Time, the head of the archaeological work at Herodium.

Earlier in Israel found a mask by the age of 9 thousand years.

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