International corporations have bought Ukraine for debt – analyst

Международные корпорации купили Украину за долги – политолог

The international Corporation de facto Ukraine bought for debt.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“Ukraine has passed the period, that is, crossed the Rubicon, which was to repay debts. With the economic growth of 2-4% of us, these debts will never be repaid. They do not need to give. Should the bulk of international–guaranteed debt restructure. That is, to postpone the date of payment for 20-30-50 years. Part of these debts should simply be abandoned. As well as the debts of ex-President Yanukovych, a political debts, imposed on us. In a non-competitive environment, we simply insert his fingers in the door, gagging them, forcing them to go into debt in return for political concessions. From them, we need to have the courage to refuse. That is, to submit to international courts to stop payments on international debts”, – said R. Bortnik.

According to him, if you allow the sequester to debt, current borrowings, we will remain around 60%.

“Maybe even less. For this step we need to take courageous political leaders, independent of external players. While in Ukraine the authorities will be people who are driven from the outside, they are in such a scenario will not go. Moreover, continue to escalating debts. They will remain an eternal anchor that will tie Ukraine and make it dependent on external players. The first visits of the new President and Prime Minister will be forced to do it in Brussels and not in Washington, and in offices of international corporations, which are de facto Ukraine bought for debts,” – concluded R. Bortnik.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine could do without IMF loan, if not forced debt payments in 2019.

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