“Incredibles 2” has already raised a billion dollars

"Incredibles 2" has already raised a billion dollars
“Incredibles 2” has already raised a billion dollars

“The Incredibles 2” by Disney and Pixar’s jumped to a mark of 1 billion dollars in the world box office. This is the seventh animated film from Disney, which reached a billion mark.

“The Incredibles 2” is the fourth picture of 2018, joining a billion-dollar club. Before them were the Marvel “The Avengers: the wars of infinity” ($ 2,044,000,000) and the Black Panther ($ 1,346,000,000), and the “World of the Jurassic Period: The Fallen Kingdom” from Universal ($ 1237,000,000).

Continuation of the first “The Incredibles”, which returned Brad Bird to the director’s chair, raised $ 574 in the country and $ 430.9 million at the international level – just $ 1005,000,000 by Monday. In North America, the ongoing adventures of the superhero family are the most animated animated film of all time.

“The Incredibles 2” continues its global deployment this week, premiering in Japan tomorrow, and in Spain on Friday, followed by Italy and Germany in September.

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