In Warsaw arrested a judge who passes sentences in the days of Stalin

В Варшаве арестовали судью, выносившего приговоры во времена Сталина

Military district court in Warsaw issued a European arrest warrant for former judge Stefan Michnik, who in 1952 and 1953 carried the illegal death sentences against the soldiers of the Polish underground.

This was reported by “Polish radio”.

Michnik suspect at least 30 crimes of the Communist period. These crimes are also considered to be such that have signs of crimes against humanity.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Institute of nizamate of Poland, which is leading the investigation, noted that illegal sentences the judge handed down against those who advocated sovereign existence of the Polish state.

It is known that the fault died Michnik, in particular, the courier of the Polish corps under the command of General Wladyslaw Anders and one of the soldiers of the Union of armed struggle (ZWZ) and home Army Union “Freedom and Independence”.

Prosecutors proved that the judge handed down sentences in criminal cases for ideological reasons.

Now 89-year-old Stefan Mechanic lives in Sweden. Since 2008, he avoids contact with representatives of the Polish law enforcement authorities and Polish diplomats. Also, it ignores the message on the progress in the Polish investigation.

Earlier, the Military district court in Warsaw had already issued a European warrant for the arrest of the judge. However, in November 2010 a court in Sweden has defended Mihinica, acknowledging the crimes of which accuse a suspect, including that he has exhausted the Statute of limitations under Swiss law. Therefore, the motion of the poles Michnik rejected.

Also, earlier it was reported that the staff of the Maritime Department of the Border service of Poland detained 42-the summer citizen of Poland, who used poles and foreigners, including Ukrainians to perform forced labor on construction sites.

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