In “Walking Dead” will kill the main character

In "Walking Dead" will kill the main character
In “Walking Dead” will kill the main character
The main role in the series “Walking Dead” of the channel AMC Andrew Lincoln (Andrew Lincoln) decided to leave the project after 9 years of filming. It seems that Rick Grimes still eat zombies or kill bandits.

After Rick’s son Karl Grimes was bitten by a zombie and died, and Nigan’s gang was routed in the final of season 8, Lincoln decided to leave after the end of the next season. What kind of fate awaits the protagonist, the leader from the pilot himself, is still unknown, but the audience knows how often the stories of people in the series about the zombie apocalypse end.

The main thing in Rick’s group seems to be his best friend Daryl, played by Norman Reed. The participation of actress Lauren Cohen (Maggie) also remains questionable, as she signed a contract with another show.

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