In USA, the patient coughed up part of the bronchi and was terrified of doctors

В США пациент выкашлял часть бронхов и привел в ужас докторов

Incredible medical case occurred in San Francisco. 36-year-old resident was admitted with chronic heart failure in the intensive therapy clinic at the University of California.

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For a week the doctors fought for his life, and the patient was coughing blood and mucus.

And with a particularly strong coughing man suddenly coughed up… intact “branch” of his right bronchial tree.

The most amazing thing is that it is not that it eventually killed, but all the same heart failure. The patient died a week later after this incident.

This incredible medical case was published in the New England journal of Medicine and also given photos of the branch, which is coughed up by the patient.

The man has many years suffered from cardiovascular problems and had a pacemaker implanted in case his heart stops beating. In addition, he had a bicuspid aortic valve.

After the blood is pumped from the left ventricle, it passes through the aortic valve, and from there to circulate throughout the body. This valve usually has three leaves, but sometimes there is a congenital birth defect when the aortic valve has only two flaps. This is a very rare anomaly.

Due to the presence of only two valves the passage of the aorta much narrower than usual, and such a defect necessary to operate, and the sooner the better. The patient went through the operation and instead of the third valve it was the implant, but this still contributed to the complication.

Taken to hospital, the man had a severe lack of oxygen and coughed heavily, making a big burden on the lungs. Doctors gave him an extra dose of oxygen, but the cough never left. And one day his lungs broke down and lost them a large chunk of the bronchial tree.

According to Dr. Hewitt the Woodard case though is frightening and abnormal to cough up a relatively small bronchial branch is easy, as they are very soft “like spaghetti”. To cough up the larger piece has not come out, it does not pass through the bronchi.

After doctors discovered at the bedside bloody piece of the bronchi, the patient was urgently performed intubation and bronchoscopy, which showed the presence in the lungs a large amount of blood.

Two days after the medical intervention coughing and discharge of blood and mucus, the patient stopped, and he according to doctors on the mend. However, several days later, his heart still could not stand.

Earlier in the hospital in the UK killed a patient during a simple procedure.

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