In USA clown pedophile was sentenced to 16 years in prison

В США клоуна-педофила приговорили к 16 годам тюрьмы

Children’s animation Charles Mason (Charles Mason), whom many knew as a Clown Marmaduke, from 1985 to 2002 he abused 5 boys.

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Court St Albans Crown Court heard that one of the boys was forced to endure the violence for several years, from 11 to 16 years. It turned out that the man was to give children marijuana and ginger wine and forced them to watch pornography before you engage them in intimate contact. Judge Marie Catterson (Marie Catterson) said: “You earned money as a clown and kept several exotic animals. You used them to convince the children to visit your house.”

She stated that the abuse had a huge effect on the 5 victims, who were ashamed and they’ve lost confidence. One of the boys even blamed myself for what happened. “Each victim suffered because of your exploitation of their youth and a natural innocence. You emotionally manipulated”.

“Mason lured the children to his home with the help of magic and exotic animals.”

In an attempt to soften the defense, the defender Wibberly Lucy (Lucie Wibberley) stated that Mason used to described as a man of “excellent character” and he did not use force to commit their depraved acts.

Mason denied all 18 charges of indecent assault that took place when he lived in Tenforde (Turnford) and Hoddesdon (Hoddesdon) in Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire). He was not guilty on one charge and another, the court could not make a decision. However, Mason (age 65) living in Abridge Road, Theydon Bois (Theydon Bois), Essex (Essex) was convicted of 16 sexual abuse and sentenced to 16 years. Mason will be registered as a sex offender and can not come close to children for 20 years.

Earlier in the capital Solomenka a pedophile with a hammer and ropes were hunting for children.

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