In Ukraine will introduce a second heating rate: how much we pay

В Украине введут второй тариф на отопление: сколько будем платить

Soon the Ukrainians will pay for heating according to two tariffs: per Gcal of heat, and the monthly fee, the decision has already been made, and the method designed by the National Commission in the areas of energy and utilities (NKREKU).

This is stated in the material OBOZREVATEL.

Ukrainians to pay more with fee will not. In any case, if the enterprise with the introduction of the second tariff will abide by the already adopted decision No. 377. “With the formation of a two-part tariff determined by the planned total cost, costs for losses of enterprises and projected profit from licensing activities for the production, transportation and supply of thermal energy”, – says the decision of the national Commission.

Suppliers of heat needs to calculate prices so that the amount for the year Ukrainians pay two rates, did not differ from the one that paid the same fare. Then there is winter heating costs should be reduced.

The monthly fee depends on the economy of a particular enterprise, energy costs, infrastructure maintenance, salaries and so on. For example, in Vinnitsa, which has decided to introduce a monthly fee for heat for the apartment in 50 square meters all year round have to pay about 100 UAH monthly fee.

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