In Ukraine recorded the lowest level of wages among European countries – expert

В Украине зафиксирован самый низкий уровень оплаты труда среди стран Европы – эксперт

Ukraine really is the poorest country of Europe: in the state with a small GDP per capita and the lowest level of remuneration.

This was during a press conference in the news Agency, ГолосUA said an expert on social Affairs Andrey Pavlovsky.

The expert recalled that in 2008, the GDP per capita in Ukraine accounted for 3891 dollar, and in Moldova was approximately $ 1,700.

“The latest figures for 2018 year, Ukraine’s GDP is $ 2656 per capita, while in Moldova – 2694,4 dollar. In France, the figure is 38.5 thousand dollars, and in Germany – 44.5 thousand dollars per capita,” – said A. Pavlovsky.

The expert also stressed that the level of remuneration of Ukrainians recognized as the smallest among European countries.

“If you look at the latest data on average wages per month in 2018, we see that in Ukraine it is, according to Eurostat, 264 Euro, Moldova – 324 EUR, in Poland – 1102 euros. In Germany this figure of 3,700 euros, the average monthly salary,” – said A. Pavlovsky.

According to this data, Ukraine is indeed the poorest country of Europe, he concluded.

We will remind, the Ukrainian GDP per capita is the lowest in Europe, says the report of the IMF. Thus, Moldova, which has traditionally been considered the most backward, reached last year a value of $2694,4 per capita, while Ukraine – only $2656. A small gap is provided 134th in the world and the worst among the European States. And this year, according to the forecast Fund, the gap will increase.

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