In Ukraine can simplify the procedure of registration of apiaries

В Украине могут упростить процедуры регистрации пасек

The Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine jointly with the State service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection is working to simplify the procedure of registration of apiaries.

This is stated in the material Economic truth.

Recall now the honey industry in Ukraine is experiencing a crisis situation. First, production is reduced because of the stain of bees, and, secondly, the artificial reduction of export procurement prices.

According to estimations of Ministry of agrarian policy in Ukraine, there are about 400 thousand Beekeepers 4 million hives. About 98% of honey producing households and only 2% of registered business entities.

In fact, today, almost every hundredth Ukrainian is engaged in beekeeping. At the same time, the Ukrainian classifier of types of economic activity, even absent a code which identifies a business entity as a producer of honey.

Beekeeping is related to the code 01.49 Breeding of other animals, which includes rabbits, Pets, fur, shellfish, ostrich and the like.

The situation is complicated by the lack of registry or other form of registration of beekeepers, local government authorities, and the responsibility for the lack of registration of the apiary. Rural / village/city councils often do not even know about the obligation to undertake such registration.

It tells the beekeeper Vasyl Spring from Vinnitsa to officially produce honey, it is necessary to pass many instances, to obtain a passport of the apiary and the documents on zoning the bees.

We are talking about a large number of procedures, which sometimes even contradict each other, and the cost of services can reach 18 thousand UAH for an apiary of 500 colonies.

So work officially and to legalize their business, the owners of households are not in a hurry.

Earlier, the craftsman of luck built on the roof of the 9 floor of the apiary.

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