In the winter apples will help to maintain the shape and increase resistance to viruses – the doctor

В зимнее время яблоки помогут сохранить фигуру и повысить сопротивляемость вирусам - врач

For Ukrainians apples are the most affordable fruit and year-round. Probably because many people simply underestimate that and it is apples many doctors and scientists believe the most useful fruit. They contains almost all nutritious and useful substances that the body needs.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

“Baked apples improve the functioning of the digestive system, and green varieties – stimulate the metabolism (which is important for those who are afraid to recover in the cold season). But in the winter they are especially important for good mood and vitality – to quickly Wake up and feel full of energy, drink morning tea, infused with fresh fruits Antonovka.

In sour-sweet fruit (mostly green varieties) a huge amount of this trace element as iron. It is a great prevention for chronic fatigue and anemia. And thanks to the abundance of iodine in the “winter” varieties, the apples help us keep warm in the cold. It is important to eat apples with candy, because iodine concentrates mainly in the grains,” he advised.

Due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals, daily consumption of at least 1-2 apples will save you from beriberi, the expert said.

“While influenza and SARS are very helpful, especially for children, baked apples with honey. It is an effective cough recipe, accelerating the recovery. The fact is that in apples, especially in sour-sweet varieties, a lot of anti-inflammatory salicylic acid.

An effective remedy for cough is also a decoction of Apple skin – it has a lot of the same acid, plus vitamin C, valuable minerals and enzymes,” says the doctor.

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