In the Vatican Embassy again found human bones

В посольстве Ватикана снова нашли человеческие кости

Italian police have carried out a new inspection in the building of the Embassy of the Holy see in Rome and discovered new elements of human remains.

This writes ANSA, citing police sources.

“These fragments can be useful for identifying previously discovered there remains,” the spokesman said, adding that we are talking about human bones.

Last week, during the repair of the floor in the room, which since 1949 is the diplomatic mission of the Vatican, workers found a nearly complete skeleton and other bones. The experts came to the conclusion that they belonged to the woman.

This information raised the talk about the fact that the discovery may solve the mystery of the disappearance of two 15-year-old girls who disappeared in Rome in 1983. One of them, Emanuela Orlandi was a citizen of the Vatican.

The disappearance of Orlandi and Mirella Gregori never did. The disappearance of Orlandi was more high-profile case because of the connection with the Vatican. She disappeared after he left his family in the Vatican to go for music lessons in Rome.

For many years her case was associated with numerous versions ranging from the attempts to kill Pope John Paul II before the financial scandal of the Vatican Bank and a criminal offence in Rome.

Recall, the 76-year-old cardinal George Pell, which deals with financial matters of the Holy see, will appear before the court. The third most influential person in the Vatican accused of child molestation.

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