In the USA female police officer with his fists rushed to the little daughter of video on YouTube

В США женщина-полицейский с кулаками бросилась на малолетнюю дочь из-за ролика на YouTube

In the USA female police officer Jamie McDonald was arrested on charges of beating 8-year-old daughter who posted a video on YouTube.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

According to the investigation, the officer struck the girl and threw her to the ground after I saw that she’s filming a movie about them home for the cat. The video was captured, as the child is crying due to the fact that the mother decided to get rid of the pet.

The girl told police that MacDonald first made her remove the video from YouTube, and then knocked to the ground, sat on her stomach and began to continuously hit her hand and face. To stop the woman managed 12-year-old son who threatened to call my dad. At the time the beating stopped, but the officer was away from the children mobile phones.

When the ex-husband McDonald, David Grantham, picked up the kids from school, he saw bruises on her daughter’s face and immediately called the police. The officers also noticed abrasions on the neck and arm of the child.

After the testimony of the children, MacDonald was arrested, but soon came out on bail in the amount of 25 thousand dollars. The woman worked in the police since 2002, after the incident she was given administrative leave.

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