In the US the elections were won by the candidate who died a month ago in a private brothel – news ZIK.UA

У США на виборах переміг кандидат, який місяць тому помер у власному борделі – новини ZIK.UA

In US elections to the House of representatives in Nevada won died a few weeks before the vote, 72-year-old owner of a chain of brothels, Republican Dennis Hof.

Now his place in the Parliament of the state is a candidate proposed by the Republican party, according to Reuters, according to HB.

During the voting on 6 November, the Hof won 36% votes more than his rival from the Democratic party Lesya Novels.

Hoffa’s body was discovered on October 16 in one of the brothels, which belonged to him. It happened after a party on the occasion of its 72nd anniversary. At that time, the ballots had already been printed and distributed, so the state government decided not to exclude from Hof voting.

Hof owned several brothels in Nevada (the only state in the US, where it is allowed such institutions), and also starred in the reality show Cathouse, where the documentary followed the work of his network of brothels. Was a famous impersonation of Donald trump.

Recall, November 6 in the US, elections were held for senators and members of the house of representatives, state governors and members of the legislative assemblies of the States, judge, members of the boards of the school districts.

As shown by the preliminary results, the Democratic party will hold the majority of seats in the House of representatives, and the Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

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