In the US mother for the education of his son chose the offspring of the “edifying” t-shirt

В США мать для воспитания сына выбрала отпрыску «назидательную» футболку    

American named Old made 11-year-old son to wear to school a t-shirt with the inscription: “I’m a badass” and then published a picture of him in convicting clothes on Facebook.

Reported by ABC 7.

The woman said that took this decision after she heard that her child was calling other students “stupid” and “idiots”.

Old wanted to the parents of children who have been bullying her son, considered the punishment method of “personal apology”.

Some users did not appreciate the educational measures and has left many angry comments under the post, so the Old had to remove the picture of your son is the bully from the page. Nevertheless, she was pleased with the result.

“He’ll be fine. And he’s nicer to his sisters. He’s already better with my cousins. He learned this from his own experience. That’s all that matters,” said the mother.

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