In the September FIFA ranking national team of Ukraine has the highest progress among all teams in the world – news ZIK.UA

У вересневому рейтингу ФІФА збірна України має найбільший прогрес серед усіх збірних світу – новини ZIK.UA

Today, 20 September, the international Federation of football associations (FIFA) has updated the world ranking of national teams, in which Ukraine is a 29-th line, with 1483 points.

The national team of Ukraine in the new rating, after the September victories in the League of Nations against Czech Republic away (2:1) and Slovakia in Lviv (1:0) is on 29-th place, rising over the month in six steps.

And this, note, is the best indicator of progress among all members of FIFA, the official site of the FFU.

Note that among the representatives of Europe, our national team is now in 19th position.

We would add that the opponents of the Ukrainian team in the League of Nations, the national team of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, occupy the 26th and 47th place.

On the first line rose the Belgian team that is ahead of the world Champions socimi points.

The FIFA rankings as of 20 September

1.Belgium – 1729

2.France – 1729

3.Brazil – 1663

4.Croatia – 1634

5.Uruguay – 1632

6.England – 1612

7.Portugal – 1606

8.Switzerland – 1598

9.Spain – 1597

10.Denmark – 1581

…29.UKRAINE – 1483

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