In the season of colds a child’s diet should include daily apples-the medic

В сезон простуды в рацион ребенка стоит ежедневно включать яблоки -медик

Instead of expensive vitamin complexes and Immunostimulants to improve the health of the child will help fresh apples.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

This season, the doctors expect the number of cases of influenza will be significantly higher than last year’s figures, while on the territory of Ukraine will circulate as the familiar strains of new viruses.

In the zone of greatest risk, as before, children are enrolled in kindergartens and schools. In the children’s groups, the disease spread like lightning, as the kids don’t tend to keep your distance, wash your hands often and often learn to “taste” that pulls in a mouth toys, pencils and other items that can settle harmful bacteria.

“The main prevention is hygiene, constant washing of hands and rinsing of the nose is not superfluous to lubricate the baby’s nasal mucosa oksolinovoj ointment before you send it in the garden or on a walk. And, of course, warm clothes and a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals,” said the doctor.

The most successful snack during school the doctor considers fresh apples, they are also ideal for afternoon tea. Seasonal apples, according to the specialist, contains valuable salicylic acid, which reduce inflammation and are an excellent prevention of many diseases, including colds.

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