In the Russian pensioner died after bullying nurses neuropsychiatric hospital (VIDEO)

В РФ  умер пенсионер после издевательств санитаров психоневрологической больницы (ВИДЕО)

An elderly patient of psychoneurological hospital No. 5, in Russian Magnitogorsk who was abused by the nurses died.

This writes the portal “MagCity74”.

The granddaughter of 72 year old men said that this week will mark the 40 days since his death.

“Grandpa was sick with diabetes, on the background of the disease he had memory lapses, and he could just not remember what he was like in a mental hospital. About the bullying, he didn’t tell us”, she explained.

The chief physician of hospital Alexander Belikov also confirmed that the patient has been discharged, and the incident happened on June 29.

About the abuse of the elderly man in the hospital became known earlier, on 16 October. The network got the video, which the nurse threw in the patient’s shoes and then kicked, while his colleagues laughed at what is happening.

Also, recall that on September 28 it became known that in hospital of the city of Znamenka of Kirovohrad region patient attacked medical workers. According to the nurse, the patient threatened to gouge out the eyes of the workers, and a female assistant is to puncture the artery. Hospital staff had to call the police.

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