In the opening game of the new season-18/19 juniors of FC Karpaty U-19 beat the house Olimpik U-19 news ZIK.UA

У стартовій грі нового сезону-18/19 юніори «Карпат» U-19 вдома обіграли «Олімпік» U-19 – новини ZIK.UA

Junior team Karpaty U-19 yesterday, August 10, held the first match in the new season 18/19. The match against their peers from Olimpik Donetsk U-19 at the stadium “Ukraine” city of the Lion “green-whites” completed a confident victory with the account 3:0.

Karpaty U-19 (Lviv) – Olimpik U-19 (Donetsk) – 3:0 (0:0)

August 10. Start – 17:00. Lions. Stadium “Ukraine”. 100 spectators. Sunny. +28°C.

Referee – Miroslav Sticky (Ivano-Frankivsk).

Referee’s assistants: Paul Suprunyuk (Volyn region), Alexandr Kaplenko (Kiev).

Fourth official – Yaroslav Leskiv (Lviv region).

Observer of arbitration – Eduard Valenko (Lviv).

KARPATY U-19: Artim, Slichnaya, Kalinchuk, Rybachuk (Panchyshyn, 68), Cossack, Stepanchuk, Runic, danyluk (Mudrik, 71), Sican (Melnychuk, 85), Rudiuk (Gunsi, 59), Dudinka (Goblin, 65).

Substitutes: Peas, Nesteruk.

Senior coach – Roman Gnativ.

OLIMPIK U-19: Ltif, Taloro, Samchuk, Priymak (Obermann, 85), Cabinda, Konovalenko, Stoyanov (Maximenko, 46), Krutin, Pichugin (Gawronski, 55), Prokopchuk (Morozyuk, 59), Leo (Vasilenko, 65).

Spare – Umansky.

Senior trainer – Ruslan Umanets.

Goals: Kozak, 48, Of Runic, 57, Goblin, 84.

Warning: Runic, 27, Danyluk, 36, Rybachuk, 51, Sickan, 60, Gutsy, 80 – Stoyanov, 25, Samchuk, 80.

In the debut match of the new season the team of Roman Hnativ met with counterparts Olimpik Donetsk. The game, which took place at the stadium “Ukraine” was completed with the first win for the Junior team the “green-whites” with a convincing 3:0 score, writes the Information center of FC “Karpaty”.

Juniors had a busy period of pre-season preparation played a number of friendlies and participated in the international tournament in the Czech Republic, where took second place. Accordingly, the composition of the Junior team of FC Karpaty, though significantly updated, however, at the time, “green-whites” to get used to each other and the coaching staff was more than enough. In the starting lineup for the match against Marseille came out and several players kirpatovski youth: Rybachuk, Rudyuk and Dudinskaya. In particular, the latter were the attacking trio together with Skanem and Runcom that really “tore” the defense of the guests. Basically, your attack juniors held the right flank, constantly connecting Runca. Basil really was one of the most active players on the field of stadium “Ukraine”. If Runic did not break through alone on goal “Olympians”, whether hung in a penalty area, directing the ball on the heads of their teammates. Had great opportunities Daniel Sickan, however, the defenders and the goalkeeper failed to hold after it strikes. Close to open the scoring in the game was Sergey dudinskiy: a strong kick from outside the penalty area is not without problems, but still managed to get a goalkeeper. It is worth noting the initiative from John danyluk, who from very awkward positions was not afraid to break through on goal guests. In one of episodes the ball flew just inches from the gate. Karpaty had total superiority in the attack. Even the whistle for the break sounded after the “Olympic” once again in the match bounced off the advances of the “green-whites”.

At the break, the situation did not change much: the wards of the Novel Nativa continued to play and dominate, especially in attack. However, after a few minutes after the start of the second 45 minutes changed the numbers on the scoreboard. After the corner kick performed by Runco, the ball is momentarily out of sight lost defenders of “Olympic” than full-time benefited Bohdan Kozak scored his first goal of the juniors of FC Karpaty in the new season. Increased advantage in the account “green-white” already for ten minutes and again after drawing standard. Rudiuk with a free kick lobbed into the penalty area – Basil Runic just head sent round to the gate – 2:0. The final score in the match Lviv was established in the end of the meeting. Kazak moved from the left flank towards the center and gave it right at the Goblin who shot gate Ltaifa.

In addition to scoring the episodes, it is worth noting the game Scana Daniel, who worked not only in attack, but he did not neglect the work in the line of defense, helping and protecting his teammates. “Olympians” were forced to send several players to stop Scan. We can only guess what the score could end the match with Olimpik, if Karpaty converted all their chances.

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