In the match of the 12th round of Premier League “Alexandria” beat “Karpaty” – news ZIK.UA

У матчі 12-го туру футбольної Прем’єр-ліги «Олександрія» виграла у «Карпат» – новини ZIK.UA

The players of “Alexandria” with the score 2:1 beat Lviv “Karpaty” in the final match of the 12th round of the championship of Ukraine among teams of the Premier League season 18/19.

Football. Men. Premier League season 18/19. The match of the 12th round

FC Alexandria – FC Karpaty (Lviv) – 2:1 (2:0)

21 Oct. Beginning at 19:30. Alexandria. Stadium CSC Nika. Cloudy. +14°C.

Referee – Catherine Monzul (Kharkov).

Assistant referee: Dmitry Oganesyan (Lugansk), Stanislav Marulin (New Kakhovka, Kherson region).

Fourth referee – Yuriy Ivanov (Makiyivka, Donetsk region).

The FFU delegate – Eduard Karapetyan (Ternopil).

Observer of arbitration – Oleksandr Derdo (the Black sea, the Odessa region).

FC OLEKSANDRIA: Pankiv, Mikita, Bondarenko, Kovalets (Sexton, 82), Polyarus (Tsurikov, 57), Zaporozhan, Pashayev, Masta, Shendrik, Grechishkin (Long 71), BANADA.

Spare: Levanidov, Boboglo, Sitalo, N Stetsko.

Head coach – Volodymyr Sharan.

KARPATY: Shevchenko, Fedetskyy, Boroday, Megrims (Mendez, 88), Miroshnichenko, Erbes (Di Franco, 72), Klotz, Vargas scored a quick goal, Carrascal (Ponda, 79), Gutsulyak.

Subs Not Used: Kuchinsky, Lebedenko, Kovtun, Palm.

Head coach Jose Morais.

Goals: Run Hither, 11, Kovalets, 41 – Gutsulyak, 54.

Warning: Zaporojan, 75, Shendrik, 90+2 – Carrascal, 17, Boroday, 23, Gutsulyak, 67, Fedetskyy, 90+2, Di Franco, 90+2.

In Alexandria, Karpaty went without Marian Swede, who was forced to stay in Lviv due to the damage. Accordingly, the formation of the offensive line should undergo changes. The chance was given to Rodrigo Vargas, who is dispatched to the position of attacking midfielder, but Myakushko and Carrascal is located on the flanks. Quite suddenly got Di Franco – paired with Erbisol released Klets, writes the Information center of FC “Karpaty”.

The guests began frankly better, attacked more dynamic, at least until something dangerous is not reached. However, the goal was scored by the hosts, who have used a trivial error in Lviv defence. Masta tried to catch the ball, which is hopelessly rolled out of bounds. And yet forward “Alexandria” was able to complete a simple shed to the goalkeeper area. Any player the “yellow-blacks” were not around, therefore, there was no threat. However, ADI Megrims, instead of just to stop the round or leave it to Shevchenko, brought him back… Castalo, which the game does not turn off and even flew into a Billboard, returned to the field to finish the episode. To take advantage of this gift Masta refused and calmly struck into the near corner. After a moment, he had been in the arms of their partners, and Chairman Megrame in his palms. It was enough to get a portion of the shock.

Karpaty replied solo passage Huculak, who left behind one opponent after another. The latter was Mikita that is already laying the groundwork to hand the ball. The referee of the match Catherine Mosul the game is not stopped because the striker of “Karpaty” went on strike position and had a good opportunity to score a goal. However, Gutsulyak struck a little above the gate…

And at the end of the first half, “Alexandria” scored a second time. Banal canopy in the penalty area resulted in an accurate discount Hanging leg Cavalca, who was with his back to goal, but quickly turned and rolled the ball past the Beard and struck a powerful shot into the far corner – 2:0.

The second half the green-whites started very aggressive and had to correct the mistakes of the first half. And very quickly the score was reduced. After a series of standards scored a quick goal, delivered a cross from a corner to the near post where a perfectly played Alex Gutsulyak – he jumped two opponents and powerfully struck his head without a chance for Pankiv. Thus, Gutsulyak scored in the second match in a row in Mariupol, he scored a gorgeous goal from a free kick.

Gutsulyak got a momentum, and the partners felt it. After the goal, Alex in a few minutes three more times and won the position, and the air, but the ball has passed the gate. Particularly dangerous time was after class transfer Miroshnychenko, but the 9-th issue of “lions” quite a bit missed…

Karpaty beat the rival on all fronts, but could not always bring their attacks to the end. Catherine Mosul in several cases, judging by the replays, I was wrong, fixing the fouls where they were not and getting yellow cards where players were pure. Yes, got the same Gutsulyak, who won the ball and Zaporozhan, which is also purely knocked the ball from under the feet of Carrascal.

And although Karpaty were better in the second half, but the time saving goal was not enough for them. A very disappointing defeat away from home, where guests are sure to draw has turned out…

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