In the desert of the United States crashed UFO

В пустыне США рухнул НЛО

On the fourth of November on the website of NASA published photo with the caption that in the Utah desert crashed UFOs after he saw the radar space Agency and shot down a helicopter of U.S. military forces.

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On the attached picture you can see how in the midst of the sandy terrain has some “alien saucer”, prikopat in half. It is strange that NASA itself has decided to spread the, because usually the Agency under various pretexts to deny the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Once on the face of ufologists, a smile appeared rethought in relation to the points of view of NASA, the Agency hurried to disappoint. The picture was a joke. Then the question arises: what is depicted in the photo?

The truth was prosaic: arrived on earth robot, launched on 8 August 2001, the space for taking samples of the solar wind. Device after successful completion of the mission returned home. Unfortunately, the robot was unable to open the parachute, so fell in the wilderness. The machine flew at a speed of 300 km/h, therefore it is not clear, save the samples or not.

Earlier in the USA flying “UFO” over the lake frightened the locals.

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