In the cold to protect your lungs will help ginger root – expert

В морозы защитить легкие поможет имбирный корень – эксперт

In the cold season the lungs susceptible to negative outside influences, suffering from frost and extremes of weather, therefore experts advise to support their work and strengthen with the help of useful products.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

In winter, the body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals, therefore the diet should be balanced, rich in vegetable products. In order not to freeze in the cold, experts recommend to eat more carbohydrate foods, especially natural cereal oatmeal, buckwheat, rice.

To help the body cope with adverse external conditions, as well as viruses and bacteria, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and also greens and nuts.

“Great protection from viruses and colds pomegranate, and with regular consumption it boosts the immune system. Another recommendation is often to include in your diet ginger – fresh or dried.

Due to the special substances in ginger literally warms the lungs and bronchi and prevents cough. It is also useful for existing colds, as it helps to “pull” s lungs are unnecessary, gently warming and enveloping them. And quickly to keep warm and protect the bronchial tubes helps warm tea made from cranberries,” says the doctor.

By the way, in the cold, the doctor recommends that you regularly have a few slices of dark chocolate or drink a mug of hot chocolate. They strengthen blood vessels and help the body to stay warm.

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