In Sweden the cows were allowed to swim on nudist beaches: nudists filed a complaint – news ZIK.UA

In southern Sweden the cows were allowed to go to nudist beaches because of the extreme heat in the country.

It is reported with reference to The Local.

У Швеції коровам дозволили купатися на нудистських пляжах: нудисти подали скаргу – новини ZIK.UA

However, nudists filed a complaint against officials of the province of småland. People believe that the presence of livestock on the beaches “unhygienic and could pose a threat to health.”

Heat spread throughout Europe and led to drought in many countries, particularly in Sweden.

That is why some farmers decided to slaughter livestock earlier than usual. Others translate the cows in a nearby nudist beaches, so they can cool off in the water, reports TV channel SVT.

However, officials claim that in such heat it is necessary “to allow the cows to swim, eat and drink.”

Through the people’s complaints the Department of culture and leisure of växjö analysed the situation and decided that the cattle “has the same right to be there, like people”.

The official Peter Bengtsson says that holidaymakers should not be at risk of infections. That’s why, when in the water people bathe, farmers need to keep cows on the land.

According to him, also often on the nudist beaches of the province of småland you can meet the birds. And if people complain about them, then the officials can discuss these issues with pet owners.

Recall that in North Korea the large-scale drought over the last century, which could lead to food crisis in the country. Recent rains in June, and since that time the average temperature is 39 degrees.

Also suffering from drought, the most populated region of Australia – New South Wales. Farmers talk about large-scale crop failure of crops, severe water shortages and the inability to feed the cattle.

As previously reported in the Paris Palace in Tokyo was the day for nudists.

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