In Siberia crashed unknown object, is a video news ZIK.UA

In the Internet appeared the video of the object that apparently crashed near the Russian cities of Surgut and Nefteyugansk. The body had a spherical shape. It is possible that the witnesses photographed a UFO incident.

The movie even played on the Russian TV channel, the journalists who speculated concerning the object’s PE.

У Сибірі розбився невідомий об’єкт, – відео – новини ZIK.UA

Perhaps in the sky burned out remains of a meteorite or space ship of aliens. Users of a network do not exclude the possibility that the inhabitants of Surgut took military or space rocket.

Russian experts said that no meteor radars not recorded. Although apparently anomalous glow was like a meteor shower.

Scientist Mikhail Larionov from the Ural state University noted that the speed of fall of bodies is too small for meteors, plus the trajectory was too horizontal. So, in the sky with a high probability of burning space debris. Usually meteorites falling speeds from 6 to 45 miles/s, while in our case speed was equal to 5 km/sec.

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