In September, the restart of the CEC is unlikely – analyst

В сентябре перезапуск ЦИК маловероятен – политолог

In September, the restart of the Central election Commission (CEC) is unlikely.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Vitaly Kulik.

“I doubt that Parliament will be able to restart CIC. Although it is a requirement of the EU and the West. Most likely, Pleased go on increase of the CEC, as a compromise. This will allow Poroshenko to create a majority and appoint the head of the CEC. However Poroshenko for the CEC will have something to pay. The question is, what? This may be or budget, or issues related to economic policies or privatization. Also, it can be posts. The resignation started to leave the governors, was fired the head of the Chernihiv region. To Sep can fire several governors. There are also open Ministerial positions six months give the chance to work in someone’s interests. There is a profitable state-owned enterprises, such as “Naftogaz” and “Transneft”, where you appoint people as a result of bargaining,” said Kulik.

According to him, the most important question to be considered in the new political season – the budget for the year 2019.

“Members may want to combine the election law, but it is unlikely to impossible since it is elections fail to hold in principle. On it they say its developers. Also will be a question of a special law for the parliamentary elections and about a whole case of anti-corruption initiatives. For example, to expand the powers of NABU, restart NACP and so on. Will also raise issues related to the Declaration of public organizations. The main issue is that the budget for 2019, as September begins with the budget process”,- summed up V. Kulik.

We will remind, according to the survey conducted by the Sociological group “Rating”, 46% of respondents definitely intend to participate in parliamentary elections, every fourth rather than not. The Verkhovna Rada can pass seven parties.

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