In orbit the young star discovered a huge planet

На орбите молодой звезды обнаружены огромные планеты

Astronomers have discovered a young star with an age of 2 million years.

It is reported

Interestingly, the orbits of the planets extremely far from the star: outside a thousand times removing from the inner. This unique phenomenon is observed scientists for the first time. Itself star is 500 light years from Earth in the constellation Taurus and is called CI Tau.

The first of her planet – she’s the biggest – called CI Tau b and rotates extremely close to the star, undergoes a complete orbit in 9 days. According to the laws of planetary formation, the planets (scientists call them “Hot Jupiter”) should not even exist, as proximity to a star that is overheating. This kind of planet exist only 1% of stars.

Recall, many people believe that the fact that we all fly on airplanes, puts an end to the theory of a flat Earth. However, the idea that our planet is not a sphere, but a kind of just damn.

Earlier it was reported that a supporter of the theory of a flat Earth flew gathered in the garage of the rocket.

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