In North Carolina, a gunman opened fire at a local school

В Северной Каролине стрелок открыл огонь в местной школе

The US police have launched an operation to arrest the criminal, staged on the morning of 9 November fire at a school at Hampstead, in the County of Pender, North Carolina.

It is reported Іndependent.

County Sheriff said that he had sent officers to the scene after receiving “message on the current arrow” in High school”, Topsail”. Police captain James Rowell told WECT that called the police at half past six local time. Classes haven’t started, but at this time, many students already come to school.

According to Rowell, about injuries. Have you found the shooter is also unknown. Local television showed police cars that blocked the road to the school, and the helicopter that was circling above them. On the roof you can see the nine officers.

In the district schools canceled classes and buses taking children to school, sent to a safe place. Parents were allowed to pick up children.

Also, we will remind, on 7 November, in the city of Thousand Oaks (California) unknown persons opened fire on visitors to a popular bar Borderline Bar and Grill.

A man dressed in a black coat, with dark glasses covering his eyes, entered the establishment at about 23:20 local time. He immediately began to throw smoke grenades and then started shooting. American media reported that the shooter killed at least 12 people.

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