In Kiev exchangers the dollar continues to become cheaper

В киевских обменниках доллар продолжает дешеветь

Thursday, November 8, in the Kiev exchange offices, the American currency continued to depreciate.

It is reported

So, today the selling rate of cash dollar in exchange offices of the Kiev banks as of 10:30 decreased compared to at 9:30 1.43 28,0922 kopecks to UAH/USD, buying rate increased by 0.44 kopecks. to 27,7976 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying the Euro fell by 1.8 kopecks. to 31,7020 UAH/EUR, the selling rate declined by 2.92 32,2376 kopecks to UAH/EUR.

Also, recall that today, November 8, the national Bank of Ukraine has set the official rate at 27,89 UAH/USD.

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