In Kharkiv today will be the match of the League of Nations UEFA Ukraine – Czech Republic – news ZIK.UA

У Харкові сьогодні відбудеться матч Ліги націй УЄФА Україна – Чехія – новини ZIK.UA

The national team of Ukraine on football today, October 16, will hold its third match in the inaugural League of Nations of UEFA, in which the house will meet with the team of the Czech Republic. The match at the stadium of RSC “Metalist” in Kharkov, which will begin at 21:45 will show the TV channels “Ukraine” and “Football 1”. The match will be refereed by the referees from Lithuania, headed by 40-year-old Gediminas Mazheyka.

With all the benefits of the wards of Shevchenko come to the crucial (perhaps the crucial) confrontation with the Czechs. The Ukrainian team had more time to prepare for the meeting, the recent match with Italy was quite informative and a measure of energy on your field we can (and should) play from a position of strength, despite the fact that guests in Kharkiv should definitely win, writes

I guess the Czech Republic is in a good psychological state after a victory over Slovakia (2:1), likely in the good shape, but managed to fully recover wards Yaroslav Slave? This is the main question, only two full days they had. West team worked in that game tactics by the second number, that gave the result, now and in Sloboda Ukraine, the Czechs will play in a similar style, first and foremost guests will think about the defense, organized to defend and rely on swift counterattacks.

The new coach of our next opponent has found a approach to their wards and the Czech Republic gradually remembers the best times. There is no doubt that this match will be much more difficult than September.

У Харкові сьогодні відбудеться матч Ліги націй УЄФА Україна – Чехія – новини ZIK.UA

Facts and figures

– Eighteen months ago, met each other, the Ukrainians and the Czechs, in Uherske-Hradiste owners quickly came forward, a goal in the fourth minute, scoring Patrick Chic, but “blue and yellow” and changed the course of the meeting, Konoplyanka at the end of the first half evened the score, and Zinchenko, in the last minute of the meeting brought us victory. But most importantly, the Ukrainians have pleased the fans a good and meaningful game.

– Ukraine and the Czech Republic met in a friendly match in August 2012, then the teams played out a draw 0:0.

– Just was a friendly game in 2011, when Czech Republic defeated Ukraine 4:0.

– Our Western neighbours in the League of Nations one victory and one defeat, while in case of a victory over Ukraine, Czechs can take first place in the group (depending on the account of the meeting). Then the team Slave opens a direct path to a successful exit from the group. Recall that with the teams in our little trio it was the Czech Republic had the worst rating.

– In Kharkov, in the Ukraine vs Czech Republic are expected to be full, that should certainly help ward Shevchenko.

– “Blue-yellow” in 2018, has not lost in seven matches with four victories and three draws, goal difference 11:5. Note that we did not miss only from Morocco and Slovakia, but more than one goal Ukrainian wife is still missed.

– Two official matches this year, we have two victories.

The last time the national team of Ukraine lost a little over a year ago – October 9, 2017, losing to Croatia (0:2).

У Харкові сьогодні відбудеться матч Ліги націй УЄФА Україна – Чехія – новини ZIK.UA


Loss the national team of Ukraine, could help the main team of the country Kravets and Khacheridi, but to call them players basis is not necessary. But fully recovered Yarmolenko and Makarenko, Andrei will play exactly from the first minute, Eugene could strengthen the team during the meeting. The main issue is the position of centre forward, assume that the coaches will trust again Yaremchuk.

In addition to Yarmolenko to help the attacker will be Konoplyanka and Rakitskiy and Stepanenko Malinowski and needs to cement the Central bridgehead, Taras will be located deeper. There is no doubt that Pyatov will play in goal, and Karavaev, Rakitskiy, Burda and Matvienko will form a defensive line. There is a chance to play in Krivtsovo, but only if there will be problems with Burda. To replace expect to see Tsygankov, Zinchenko and Petryak.

Ukraine: Pyatov – Karavaev, Rakitskiy, Burda, Matvienko – Stepanenko, Malinowski, Edmar, Marlos, Linnet – Yaremchuk.

In the Czech Republic one of the main problems is that due to the injury flew Paul Kaderabek, 26-year-old defender against Hoffenheim was considered a team player and to replace it with guests would be difficult. Most likely, on the right flank of Kaderabek will replace Novak, the center will play Brabec and Celustka left Selassie. In goal for the Czechs usually plays Vaclík. The midfield will close (or try to close) Soucek and Pavelko, and attack in the midfield will form, Zmrhal and Otter (on the flanks) and Dočkal (center). On the edge can be seen or Kronka, or Chic.

Czech Republic: Vaclík – Novak, Brabec, Celustka, Selassie – Masopust, Pavelko, Zmrhal, Dočkal, Otter – Cronk.

У Харкові сьогодні відбудеться матч Ліги націй УЄФА Україна – Чехія – новини ZIK.UA


In Ukraine believe it is not only her loyal fans, but experts and bookmakers. It’s hard to argue with the obvious – the Ukrainians show a rather Mature and effective style of play, are showing the will to win, very well carried out the attack and well organized in defense, mistakes happen, but in rare cases. There is every reason to assume that with the Czech Republic team of Andriy Shevchenko on the right…

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