In Kharkiv, officials with the loaf opened bus stop and the trash – news ZIK.UA

In the village of Polna Volchansk district of Kharkiv district leaders officially opened the bus stops and dumpsters.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.

На Харківщині чиновники з короваєм відкрили автобусну зупинку та сміттєві контейнери – новини ZIK.UA

Bread and salt, a ribbon cutting and sad students in green headscarves. In the village of Polna district authority inaugurated the bus stop and the site for waste collection. And then another, and on the website of the regional administration reported about this device: “7 sites for the collection of solid waste, 3 stops to wait for passenger transport and repair and design 2 stops”.

Going to check what this is for stop and the garbage that open up personally to the Chairman of the district Council and district administration. Especially that broken road to the place, officials decided not to take pictures.

Stops and garbage containers is the project winner of the regional competition, says Plinarska village head Olga Comic.

But the opening ceremony of the budgets was not worth a penny.

“For your own money, and I’m used to it. Caraway – 95 UAH, towel I don’t know, 50”, – says Olga Comic.

Welcome on the tour. Shows proud of. Shows one of the seven collection points of garbage. In the village I hope to make it to recycle.

На Харківщині чиновники з короваєм відкрили автобусну зупинку та сміттєві контейнери – новини ZIK.UA

A public transport stop, the village head she was painting. Says outraged by the reaction of the social networks:

“All the people who prepanel, I would like to say, come to me, my people what such a resonance that you don’t like it here”.

The winning project is called “Bus waiting, the village and admire the joy you sing!” However, as it turned out, the bus is here I see once a month. It is called when people need to go to the district. But still officials from the area are happy. Say, is there any hope to repair the road to the village.

The discoverer of the stops – the Chairman Volchanskiy district administration on vacation. Tells, came to watch as the school has new Windows and boiler. And the other discovery for the company.

Well, in Pliny invite all of you to visit. At the opening of the next project-winner of the regional contest. At the end of October here will run street lighting.

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