In Kazakhstan, the doctor asked a woman to speak in the Kazakh language, and not to go to Russia – news ZIK.UA

У Казахстані лікарка попросила росіянку говорити казахською мовою, а ні – то їхати у Росію – новини ZIK.UA

In Kazakhstan children’s doctor has asked the Russian-speaking mother to speak the Kazakh language, in the other case, advised me to go to Russia.

It is reported NUR.KZ.

The district pediatrician of the Kazakh town of Arkalyk molder Atebaa the demanded communication in the state language during the reception.

“What language you must speak to me? Kazakh!”, – “That is > we have to go to Russia?” “Yes, go”,” this conversation took place during the reception.

After that, the doctor left the room.

We will remind, in state institutions of Kazakhstan will be less Russian language.

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