In Japan, scientists have taught a robot to drive a car (VIDEO)

В Японии ученые научили робота управлять автомобилем (ВИДЕО)

Engineers JSK together with the staff of the University of Tokyo were able to teach a humanoid robot to drive a car that was demonstrated during the special experiment.

This was reported on the IEEE Spectrum website.

The developers have posted a video where you can see how the robot sits behind the wheel not of an unmanned vehicle. He confidently controls the electric Toyota COMS. Humanoid artificial intelligence pushes their feet on the right pedal and holding the steering wheel. All his movements are very similar to human.

The developers call their creation Musashi. Detailed specifications at the moment are classified. We only know that the robot has installed the technology of recognition of road obstacles. So Musashi will not drive on the pedestrian. He “sees” people, road signs, road markings and other cars.

Note that, when during the experiment, before the Toyota there was a man, the robot slammed on the brakes and stopped the car.

Also, we have previously reported that in Japan have created a robot, repeating facial expressions of the person. The invention is a model of a human head with realistic eyes, rotating in two directions. Above the eyes are eyelids that function at the expense of the motors.

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