In Japan created a t-shirt, increasing the chest (PHOTO)

В Японии создали футболку, увеличивающую грудь (ФОТО)

In Japan created a t-shirt with prints, which visually enlarge Breasts.

This was reported in Twitter of the manufacturer.

The company has long specializiruetsya on the prints with a 3D effect. One of the latest innovations of the company was t-shirt, which increases the breast.

В Японии создали футболку, увеличивающую грудь (ФОТО)

Graphic image creates a curvy shape, even if in fact the chest is not much stands out. If you look at a girl in a t-shirt from the front, the chest look bigger.

However, if the model turns sideways, the effect is “large Breasts” disappears.

The invention belongs to the popular Japanese brand ekoD Works.

Recall that the model Dasha Astafieva lit the chest.

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