In Germany, the squirrel terrorized by a man (PHOTO)

В Германии бельчонок терроризировал мужчину (ФОТО)

In the German city of Karlsruhe, the police arrived to a call of a man who stalked and attacked a squirrel.

This is stated in the message of police of the city in Facebook, reports.

В Германии бельчонок терроризировал мужчину (ФОТО)

When they arrived at the scene, witnessed as the animal continued to terrorize the man. After the exhausted squirrel was asleep, they took him into custody.

The police called the rodent by Carl Friedrich and appointed him as their mascot. Now you take care of the animal rescue centre.

The press-Secretary of police Christine Krenz told the Guardian that lost their mothers squirrels can turn their attention to the man they had encountered on the way.

В Германии бельчонок терроризировал мужчину (ФОТО)

“It can be quite scary,” she said, adding that the man who called the police, “obviously felt in danger.”

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