In for sale house in Russia found a hungry lion

В выставленном на продажу доме в РФ обнаружили голодного льва

Near Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia, for sale, house found… lion…

In the local nursery “To-9” asked the frightened villagers Smolensk and reported that from the house which is for sale, there was a terrible roar, terrifying the whole village – roaring… a hungry lion.

The staff couldn’t believe it, reports

They contacted the local administration and local police, and they confirmed this information. Lion found in the courtyard in a cold cage. It is noteworthy that the cell doors had no locks and bolts – they propped up a normal stick. A hungry lion was able to escape to the streets of the village at any moment!

The neighbors “house with a lion” told the nursery staff that the owner left the animal and went home to Uzbekistan, and the house was put up for sale. First the lion came to feed one of the friends of Uzbek, but the last time this man was seen about five days ago. Starved the lion raised a terrible howl…

The local authority and the policeman helped send Leo to the nursery, where he is now fed and put in order health. The beast about a year and a half, but it weighs twice as less than normal, and four times less than living in the nursery of a lioness.

And the police now finds out where near Irkutsk appeared lion? Acquaintances of the owner of the animal claimed that he won it in a card…

It is also reported that lion after his recovery plan to transfer to one of the Russian zoos.

Earlier in Russia in the circus lioness attacked 4-year-old girl.

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